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At Adonis, we take a hands on approach to every vehicle that enters our workshop. This allows us to prioritize quality of services above all else. Being both the Owner as well as an Installer gives me a unique advantage to have hands on experience of all the intricacies to perform these services at the highest quality possible.

Thank your for your consideration in choosing us to work on your vehicle. I look forward to meeting you!

Tim Coats



We cater to all types of car care needs. Contact us now for a free estimate and an Adonis Automotive Protection Professional will contact you with details.


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At Adonis Paint Protection, our main goal is to make sure your car leaves prepared for the road ahead. We value the quality of our work above all else, and provide solutions that both enhance and preserve your vehicles finish. We are experts when it comes to auto detailing, Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting and more. We treat every customer like family. Come see us today and let us take care of your auto needs.

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