New Car Preparation

New doesn't always mean perfect. Our new car preparation services set your vehicle on the right track by properly cleaning and conditioning all surfaces as they were meant to be from the factory.

Surface Protection

Whats better than the peace of mind to enjoy your vehicle for years to come? Our surface protection options provide long term value and more than pay for themselves over the life of your ownership.

Surface Care and Maintenance

Your story doesnt end when your vehicle leaves our doors, its just beginning. This is why its important for us to equip you with the right tools and experience to maintain your vehicle for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a new vehicle can be a very exciting and stressful time. Its one of the largest purchases you will make so its very important to determine how to properly prepare, protect and preserve its finishes long term. This is where we come in, its our job to help guide you in the right direction to best enhance your ownership experience and help relieve some of the stress and time spent caring for the vehicle. So you can have more time enjoying it! Our Process is Simple: Prepare, Protect, Preserve. PREPARE, all surfaces of the vehicle by delicately and effictively cleaning and prepping to ensure optimal appearance, performance and longevity. This all prepares the surfaces for further protective services. PROTECT, the delicate finishes and surfaces of the vehicle with a Nano Coating or Protective Film. This helps reduce the amount of wear and tear which will detract from the vehicles appearance and value over time. PRESERVE, Leave ARMED and READY to properly and efficiently clean and maintain your vehicle finishes for years to come.

There is no one-size-fits-all Solution in terms of vehicle protection. Each car and ownership experience will be unique, at Adonis we will custom tailor products and services that we know will provide you with the best value possible for the money. Its not our job to “sell” you on any product or service, we, like you are enthusiasts and new car owners. Its our job to educate you on the services we believe will be best, and your job to detemine what fits your needs.

Nothing is perfect, most new cars go through quite a long journey from factory to delivery. Most cars are transported from the factory to dealerships by boat or train, which oftentimes means exposure to the elements. This can cause various levels of contamination or surface defects. It’s our goal to provide you with a vehicle that is as clean and defect free as possible.

Please feel free to call or email us at anytime with questions or to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to answer all questions to help steer you in the right direction. 760-815-5933 [email protected]



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