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There is a reason why Adonis Car Detailing is one of the nations top paint protection film (PPF) shops. We raise the standard for custom fit paint protection film services and believe that clear bra should be a priority in order to protect and retain your factory finish. 

Rock Chip, Scratch and Impact Protection

From the second you drive your vehicle home, rock chips, scratches, dings and dents will wear away your vehicles beautiful paint finishes. Paint Protection Film locks your paint in time and protects your vehicle from the detrimental impacts normal wear and tear can have on your vehicle.

Self-Healing Properties

Worried about scratches, swirl marks or UV Ray oxidation blemishing your vehicles finish?

Our Paint Protection Film offers advanced nano-elastomeric polymers which protect against damage and even “Self Heal” swirl marks and scratches.

Mirror Smooth Finish

This level of protection comes without compromise. The mirror smooth finish ensures that no unwanted texture is added to the appearance of your car, leaving the protected surface indistinguishable from the factory paint.

Clear Bra Pricing


Full Frontal Clear Bra Coverage


'Track Package' Clear Bra Coverage


Full Vehicle Coverage

Full Frontal Clear Bra Coverage

Starting at $1900

'Track Package' Clear Bra Coverage

Starting at $2400

Full Vehicle Coverage

Starting at $6900


In a city as big as San Diego, lots of companies offer car clear bra/ PPF services. But no one does paint protection film installation quite like us. Since opening in 2008, we have perfected PPF on thousands of vehicles. 

As the leading paint protection film installer in the nation, Tim Coats and his highly trained staff provide consistent, high quality installations.

Other benefits of working with Adonis include:

  • Highly trained professionals working on your car
  • Wrapped edges on ALL installations.
  • Hand cut – Custom Installations
  • 10-year nationwide warranty


It is common for bubbles to appear or edges to lift in the first 1-2 weeks after application. This is why we ask all of our customers to come in for a PPF check-up 2 weeks after pick-up. This way we can keep everything looking perfect after receiving our auto clear bra installation service. If you do find any edges lifting or if bubbles appear, please refrain from touching these areas.

It is best to wait one week after installation to wash your vehicle. But rest assured! We offer a complimentary wash and interior detail with EVERY PPF service.

We recommend routine washing and maintenance to preserve the finish of your clear bra. Our Xpel Ultimate Plus film offers a built in clear coat so it can be waxed or polished just like your paint. Dont want to worry about waxing? Inquire about our lifetime bond Ceramic Coating services.

Don’t stress! PPF is 100% removable so we can repair and get you back on the road the same day!

Definitely! Our Xpel Ultimate Plus film offers a built in clear coat so it can be waxed or polished just like your paint.

Don’t want to worry about waxing? Inquire about our lifetime bond Ceramic Coating



We cater to all types of car care needs. Contact us now for a free estimate and an Adonis Automotive Protection Professional will contact you with details.


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At Adonis Paint Protection, our main goal is to make sure your car leaves prepared for the road ahead. We value the quality of our work above all else, and provide solutions that both enhance and preserve your vehicles finish. We are experts when it comes to auto detailing, Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting and more. We treat every customer like family. Come see us today and let us take care of your auto needs.

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