StoneGuard® Stone Countertop Nano Tech Protection Film

» Concerned about chemical etchings on your stone countertop from food and acidic items?
» Using placemats or coasters?
» Has your stone countertop gotten dull and hazy?
» How often do you “seal” your stone countertops?

StoneGuard® (Patent pending) is an ultra durable polyethylene film designed with our ShieldX scratch and chemical resistant coating to help protect your precious stone countertops from scratches, etchings, and dings. StoneGuard® is also the only clear protective film designed specifically for stone countertops. Acidic compounds from food (such as lime, coffee, wine, orange, vinegar, and tomato), and commonly used household cleaners can easily etch into your kitchen stone countertop. Those same compounds will have difficulty etching into StoneGuard® ShieldX’s nano coating. StoneGuard® is an advanced semi-permanent 5 mils thick clear protective film that will protect your stone from the elements of daily use yet remain unobtrusive, as it is barely noticeable to the eye and will also enhance the look of your countertop. StoneGuard® has a unique optically clear adhesive system that is designed to properly adhere to the porous surfaces of stone countertops.

Manufacturers for granite, marble, limestone, Icestone, and other precious stones for your kitchen countertops universally recommend the use of a high grade sealer once every 12 months to protect the stones from the elements of daily use. However, the sealers on the market are only designed to protect from chemical etching. Once StoneGuard® is installed, your countertop will be protected from chemical etching, staining, scratches, and dings. And the best part? You will no longer need to use sealers once StoneGuard® is installed.

StoneGuard® is your kitchen countertop protective solution.

Anti-Etch / Anti-Stain / UV Blocking. StoneGuard®’s technology is designed to protect man-made or artificial stone countertops from chemical etching, chipping, and scratching. It can be applied to both new and used stone surfaces without any negative effects to the stone and can be removed without damage to the stone. StoneGuard® ShieldX has a UV inhibiting coating to protect countertops that are exposed to ultraviolet rays through nearby windows. The range in which harmful UV rays can create hazing on stone surfaces is between 190nm-380nm, which is the specific UV rejecting range of StoneGuard®.

Protected with StoneGuard® (left image) vs Non-Protected Surface (right image)

Heat Resistant. On the surface of StoneGuard® is our ShieldX™ Nano construction that has high heat and chemical tolerance to protect the underlying stone. StoneGuard® is designed and tested to resist heat up to 375°(F).

Gloss Enhancement. StoneGuard® has a nano composition that provides any stone surface a natural enhanced gloss by a minimum of 300%. Strengthening the stone countertops in your home or commercial business has its benefits. In high traffic areas, the gloss factor retention will not only enhance your countertop, but will also strengthen the stone in terms of edge chipping and surface scratching. With no further need to seal your stones, the ease of maintenance comes at no ongoing cost to the consumer except for the initial product purchase and installation.

StoneGuard® Structural Diagram – **StoneGuard® is gas permeable and will allow your stone counters to breath naturally.**