How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Car?

How much does it cost to wrap my car?

Car wraps come in all shapes and sizes, but one common question we get is “How much does it cost to wrap my car?”. That answer will vary depending upon the type of wrap you go with, and the year/make/model of your vehicle. In addition, what type of film do you want to use? What color and coverage area? We have answers to all those questions. So let’s jump right in.

What is a Car Wrap?

To start, let’s talk about the different types of “Car wraps”.

Car Wraps are generally broken down into two different categories: 1) You have your Vinyl Wraps or “Color Change” wraps, 2) PPF AKA Clear Bra or “Paint Protection Film” wraps.

Vinyl Wraps Pros:


Vinyl Wraps Cons:


PPF Pros:


PPF Cons:


Colored “Fashion” PPF




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