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The absolute best time to protect your Model S is before any damage occurs. Although it is never to late to apply protection solutions to your vehicle our philosophy is prevention rather than repair. The Model S is designed to be driven, and thus will be susceptible to various weathering. Ceramic coatings are a great way to add peace of mind as well as add significant protection to all the surfaces of the vehicle.
Our client Chris, contacted us upon doing some research on the best solutions for his brand new 85D Model S. After several discussions and extensive research we landed on our Echelon PRO Ceramic Coatings as the best fit for his vehicle.
The coating process for new vehicles is oftentimes much less extensive than needed for used vehicles. This is once again due to bare surfaces being much more susceptible to accumulating defects, swirl marks and contaminants.
Our process starts with a thorough decontamination.
Wheels are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated

The paint surface is then taken through a gentle hand wash process. During this process any loose debris is gently cleaned using lambswool mitts and gentle degreasers.

After the initial decontamination, the vehicle is chemical decontaminated with an industrial fallout remover. This process removes any ferrous contaminants that embed themselves into the paint surfaces. The key to proper bonding of ANY coating is ensuring the paint surface is perfectly clean and defect free.

Here you can see the chemical reaction to the iron contaminants found in the paint surface. This Model S had less than 100 miles on the clock and still showed a good amount of embedded contaminants.

Modesta is unlike other coatings solutions in that it is applied in different layers. The first being an Ceramic based coating polish. This product is polished on and left to cure for 12h before the glass membrane is applied.

After this process Echelon PRO is applied using a wet application method. Due to the extreme hardness of this coating product, water is used during application and removal in order to aid the application process.
Applicators and microfiber towels used during this process have to be thrown away as they will crystalize and harden due to the purity and hardness of the coating.

Infrared lamps are then used to bake the coating at 130-50*F for 15 min. This increases both the hardness and durability of the coating by further bonding it to the paint surface.

Then, after curing overnight the vehicle is prepped and ready for delivery after attending to the wheels and various other details.

Please contact me regarding your Model S or any questions you may have. We offer many different protection solutions, Echelon PRO being one of our top Ceramic Coating options.
Ceramic Coatings are not for everyone but we can find a solution that best fits you and your vehicle needs.
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