Vehicle Refinement
Highlighting the beauty of your investment!

Extreme Durability

Our Nano Coating packages provide outstanding protection against the elements.

Ease of Maintenance

High hydrophobic surface results in less time spent cleaning, more time enjoying.

High Gloss

Crystal clear reflection, ultra slick touch and extreme gloss year round.

Signature Series Coating

Our Signature Series Package includes coating all of the exterior painted surfaces with our Hybrid In-Organic Coating . This package will last 3+ years of harsh use. Even longer with moderate or limited use.

Application $1090 All Exterior Painted Surfaces*

Signature Series Coating

Our Exclusive Series Package includes coating all exterior surfaces with our V1 Nano Glass Coating, then layered with our Hybrid In-Organic Coating. This package will last 5+ years of harsh use. Even longer with moderate or limited use.

Application $1490 All Exterior Painted Surfaces*

tesla model s paint protection coating

Elements Protection Package

Our Si02 Silica coating will provide enhanced gloss and protection lasting up to 2 years!

$690 Application Plus Vehicle Preparation

Leather Coating

Our 2-Part leather coating system helps reduce staining, dye transfer and abrasion of interior leather surfaces.

Coupe – $340

Sedan – $450

Repellent Windshield Coating

Water repellent windshield coating helps increase visibility in wet weather.


Wheel and Caliper Coating

Our high temp wheel and caliper coating helps shield against burning hot brake dust.


“…the car has this beautiful glass like coating constantly. Its like a permanent wax detail. After a week of driving, all I had to do was spray my car down with a power nozzle, wipe away the excess and dress the tires. It looked AMAZING! I cannot recommend Tim and Adonis Detail enough. Tim is friendly, professional, and makes the service seamless. I will never own another vehicle without having it undergo the Adonis treatment. Do yourself a favor, run don’t walk!”
Exclusive Series Coating, Maserati Quattroporte
“I can say my wifes 2016 Volvo XC90 looks amazing! It is black in color and this is something I should have done earlier but Tim went the extra mile and made it look awesome! My 2016 Audi S7 looks way better then when I picked it up from the showroom floor, the shine is amazing with the coating and the paint just pops! Washing of both vehicles and wheels is now way easier after the nano coating is on there.”
Audi S7, Signature Series Coating
“I couldn’t be happier. The car glistens. It looks like it’s melting plastic. The hood is like a mirror. I want to post pics but they will never do this car justice. It needs to be seen in person. Thank you Tim for just an incredible job on my 2015 Z06, wheels and interior. I HIGHYLY recommend Adonis Detail for your car detail needs. Tim is a very talented and tireless individual that will not disappoint.”
Signature Series Coating, Corvette Z06